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[N3's Questions] Returning Player from 2018/2019


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Greetings Support,

Dear Members,

as a fan of L2  in where "Gracia Part 2/Final" branded my best memories there and imho had been the best versions for L2, and everything during and after "Freya" slowly killed L2, as well as a great fan of Aion in where version 2.7 and 4.6/4.7 were its best times and versions, in where everything above version 5.x killed Aion, and so still waiting for an Aion Classic Hardcore Server with deep grinding and crafting, ...so I had been one of the very first players who joined up the Lineage 2 Classic Server "Giran" directly during its grand opening. Created 6 characters.

Later, after it was nearly impossible to gain enough Adena to buy shots, arrows and anything else as well as the incredible time consuming grinding to gain any little XP around Level 35~40 (at Cruma Marshlands) and such ridiculous RNG Events in where players had gotten "multliple" free C-Grade Weapons and stuff but I hadn't gotten any, so I had left L2Classic at end of 2018/begin of 2019 as a VIP-5 or VIP-6 hurt person. Though, I had visited the Aion and L2 forums from time to time since then...

Well, since yesterday I have returned back to L2Classic to see what is going on. It seems there have been done a lot of changes.

Trading stuff between characters via the Dimensional Merchant has been very limited since items and materials have been changed into "non-tradeable". Sucks. So, all that stuff are clogging my inventories. How to get rid of them, since those cannot be sold at NPC's? Where to find such "Aden Reconstruction Society" Member to turn/transform materials into ..other stuff?

Best Regards,




A screenshot of my Dark Wizard, and as you can see, Adena is still an issue.... cannot even buy Spellbooks...

(Picture will be auto-deleted after 30 days)



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Yes, a lot has changed. The vast majority are not for the benefit of the human player.

We have old players still on the server, more because of the affection we have for the game, not because of the changes that occurred during this period that you mentioned.

Yes adenas, they continue to be very difficult, stimulating the market for the sale of adenas, as well as the sale of lvl80 ++ boss items, quietly negotiable even in the game chat.

We also played, for the nostalgia, feeling of wanting to feel some emotions of the old guard. The more that holds us is more the desire of the memories than the game itself.

I wish you a great return to the game, look for people to interact, chat, laugh, do things together, because that's the only good thing the game can offer that they haven't spoiled yet. The interaction with people, the fun of conquering simple and small things more than doing it in a group are still fun.

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