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Why have a restoration policy if your GMS are not consistent, and do everything to avoid restoring?

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Instead of being helpful GMS seem to do everything in their power to not do anything, by giving "canned" scripted responses, specially when it comes to the restoration of items.  I have not done a full on restore with my accounts as I've been waiting to do so, but now i wonder if 'll be able to as i keep reading in discord multiple people, more than 10 having issues with the restoration of items.

Lets look at this example, I went on vacation and visited a real life friend who i also play lineage 2 with.  I log on to my toons while at his place so we can play together.. siege/raid whatever.  Now our accounts are "tied" by IP.

So if he attempts a restore on an item..no biggy, then lets say i attempt a restore (on a clean item) the general tendency is to state that you are exploiting the store policy - "your account is connected via IP to an account that has already requested a restoration on this item category or item"  (OMG, what do you mean ITEM CATEGORY)

If you insist and say that that's messed up, you already approved in a previous ticket the restoration ..you receive a warning "please be warned that pursuing this may lead to your account as well as other accounts  connected via IP address to be denied restorations in the future.   Regards Senior GM Wrath"

So my understanding is that "EACH" Account is entitled to "restoration tokens for the following categories (Weapon, Accessory, Armor, Dyes) per token period (January to June or July to December)"  So why are you treating it as an IP thing.  The accounts themselves get token refreshed, what does it matter if its the same IP.  I have more than 10 acounts between my household, so I'm exploiting if I use restore tokens on each of my accounts? .. They are YOUR rules, its insane what you guys are doing.

You should just give up the restore policy and fix enchant rates to "reasonable" rates.  The fact that you have a restore option but your GMS aka Customer Service Support are not consistent in their policies..or cite that you are exploiting by attempting to restore items is pure Malarkey... uphold your own rules or change them like you consistently have done with the restore policy but don't play games with your player base, its insulting.  



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Well said! I run into same issue I was trying an ant queen doll 2 and failed under my secondary account that I used on a daily basis. I go  the following reply:

" This appear like an attempt to abuse or restoration policy and can be considered as exploiting customer service, which can result in this account and all other connected via IP to be denied restoration in the future"


" your account is connected via IP to an account that has already request a restoration on this item"  I have used restoration tokens on others account but different items. so this reason is not valid. 2 different account 2 different items.

"your account does not meet the minimum requirement for restoration" not valid either I was confirmed that I have 3 restoration tokens available under that account.

The items was not been restored before, it was acquired from event and still restoration was denied.

I reply and explain why I believe the item was valid for restoration and I got the following reply:

"I understand your point of view in regards to this matter. However, as stated, we are unable to grant your request due to reasons stated on our previous responses. Your understanding is appreciate."

Any further appeals on the same item may not receive a response and may set this ticket resolved.


Thanks NCSoft, @GMSAI and @GMKairun for opening my eyes about the management that runs this game for all your BS response. I can finally  say that I will permanently stop supporting with my monthly contributions to the L2 store. If you cant support players why would I support you? 

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The same thing happened to me I received this same response when trying to restore a Doll in my secondary account. But it's easy, no more support in the form of NCoins for you! Thank you GM Dagg and Senior GM Yehara for the € savings that I will have from now on. You can verify that I have always contributed more than € 600 per month, why don't you verify what I have spent now lately?

I am very unhappy with how customers are treated in this business

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i want to share my situation @Juji @Hime

first a gm accept my request of restoration, a few hours later i answer with "yes proceed" and few hours later a new GM come with a new answer saying that they changed their mind and the restoration will no longer be carried out. so  Are GMs not serious people? Why do they try to put more and more obstacles in the way of players? 

Even the Gms no longer take the time to look at the cases, they simply copy and paste a booklet. 

We need a answer ! we need solutions ! we need a good server with a good administration ! 


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