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Can't learn new skills


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Just leveled to 107.   When I click on the level 107 skills, which are no longer grayed out, nothing happens.  The little "Learn Skill"  window does not open. 


1.  re-logging

2.  re-booting

3.  scanned the game file

This problem has persisted since last night.   Can't learn any of the 15 skills that I should be able to level up.  Have maxed-out SP.  

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Here's another weird thing.  I just popped onto my dual class and it shows the "Dual Maximum HP" skill as being lvl 6.  (dual class is lvl 103).  However, my main class has the skill only at lvl 5 and one of the skills that I can't learn (but should be able to - see above) is the 'Dual Maximum HP" skill lvl 6.  What the heck is going on?

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