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Cats Eye Agate Jewel...Red and Blue? -

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So last time you provided us a cats eye it had both Matk/Patk... but now you've split the two into a RED and Blue cats eye (like live server).  My assumption is that you'll introduce them to the jewel box of random jewels and then we can buy lots of random jewels to work on the specific RED or Blue jewel that we'd want.  So its more of a money sink eventually.

And I say its a money sink b/c ,both on live server and on Classic, there hasn't been an event or store option to buy just the jewel you want.   So you cannot buy large quantities of the jewel you want to make your lvl 5, and the combine rates are dismal.   Why not give the remaining players the ability to focus on Ruby, Sapphire, Garnet, vital, whatever the Jewel that they want to work on.  I bet people would prefer to buy a 100 or 60 jewel box of ONE type of jewel.  People don't like wasting their $$, no matter what currency its in... money is money.  The combine rates are already low.. why don't you ..the Producer of l2 Classic give us all a bone and fix combine rates, enchant rates, the ability to specifically buy the jewels you want... 

Anyways just my 2 cents, thank you for the temp jewel, venir, baium doll 2, rune of boost, vital stone 5 (think its broken doesn't show an increase in exp boost when equipped)


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