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Emergency Maintenance: Wednesday, June 9, 2021


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wait.. wait.. wait..

So I read something that made me chuckle a little bit.. first tho 2 simple questions..

This game is how old?

How much money has it made?

and finally the chuckle..

How many complete endgame players are there?

players with all top gear, like stage 3 dragon weapons.. not just sudo top players with questionable gear, from questionable means.

I mean this.. 17years = 3 players?


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10 minutes ago, ZooArcher said:

Funny thing..

I was on break from this game for over a year, and logged in once to stream maybe 5minutes to a friend looking for a game during the height of the pandemic.. Im glad he choose another game.. 

when I left things were..

Overpriced, unobtainable eq, low enchant rates, etc, etc, and incompetent staff making mistake after mistake.. 

First day I logged in since was yesterday.

I grabbed the free event items and some SS and went to where I was last at, let my party grind while checking my friendlist ingame and boom servers down.. 

popped in a discord and then here to the forums to find.. well.. nothing changed.. and ncwest still blaming everyone else for their problems and mistakes...

The funniest thing about this to me.. and take this with a grain of time as I havent been around or bothered to check how anything is now..

But Juji would always complain they couldnt release patch notes ontime because they had to test the dev updates and make modifications as needed.. (but always says they cant make changes). Which lead to last minute and eventually patch notes after the updates.. with missing items and lots of lost oppertunities.

What Ive come back to is all to familiar..

That an about 100 changes in game Im still trying to wrap my head around.


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NcSoft business model..


NCWest: Dangle Carrot..

Players: Hope some day that could be me...

NcWest: Show Carrot..

Players: Finally everything was worth it!!

NcWest: Take carrot away..

Players:  aww.. maybe next time :(

NcWest: Dangle Carrot..

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21 minutes ago, Renegade said:

@Juji @Hime @LIME in the previous post of maintenance (9/6/2021) many ppl asked for enhasad shop but noone get an answer. Could You tell Us please if We gonna get the shop in Chronos/Naia.

@JujiMaby not saying yes not saying no but if we put it on dont expect 8$ the pack like rest server bc we r US server here ppl get 5k$ a month expect be at  20$ the pack bc we care 

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Im bored so why not..

NcWest Business model 2.0


Example of Profit.

Lineage II makes 1bil a year profit.

Now Example of NcSoft Vs. NcWest


Lineage II is profitable, we will continue improving the game and the players experience.


Lineage II is profitable... but lets set a profit margin and treat the players like the game could end at any moment and milk them for everything.

NcSoft: Wtf are you doing Ncwest?

NcWest: Umm.. Profits are UP.. we even closed servers to keep our overhead down and at or above the margin.. which is already set way past our need to be profitable.

NcSoft: Ohh.. Ok continue..

Players: Why cant we have what NcSoft has?

NcWest: We have no control of the games content, we are given everything by the Devs.

Players: hmmppff.. Okay..

"A Few Years Later" 

Players: Why does this game suck?

New Players: Enter game expecting MMO style grind for years of enjoyment. Gets handed Free stuff that turns years into a day and hits paywall to catch them up to current players misery.

NcSoft: Devs Release Happiness Patch Now!!

NcWest: Wtf!?! Emergency Roll Back!! Hey NcSoft wtf was that DEV Patch? 


::::Everyone waiting:::::


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Everyone like 2 upgrade there gear yes as i so i got like 200 bil on me some have more some have les 

there is no f#$# way 2 upgrade bronchi armor to bloody or dark or weapon some items just not exist in the server and if you find lets say 1 bloody stone no way i buy it for 1-2 bil 

Where is the items from events only?

So i need buy 200 packs for pray i get 2 bloody stones from it?

So many things is missing from the server so many things need more tha the adena you can hold on you if you ever make it to 1 Trilion 

Nothing is drop from greening  mobs or boss 

Dont know i repeat my self i know but i dont think any 1 care ....

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8 hours ago, Mitzza said:

How do this things even hapen, does't anyone do a check before letting people login, some one from staff enther the game and chech the important stuff like the event itmes, like no one cares just clilc a button install update, or people do not even know what to check .

If this would be a power plant people could of died, every job should be taken seriously no matter what you do even a game.

And it seems the only way to play the game to the full potential is to get a bug 🐛 , wow someone is realy trying  to destroy  a good game, let people  get itmes easyer and enjoy the game by actualy playing the game not running  all day afther new itmes , better itmes, it is  a market , potatoes 🥔

power plant employees are not pushed to the limit. While gaming and other non important things capitalist's do not provide enough staff to handle required operations. In result this  happens :)  

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  • L2 Team
10 hours ago, Janetonic said:

Who applied code for prestige pack after maintenance, lost it after rollback.
They restored the previous database without prestige, but there is not in Apply code / Dimensional NPC...

9 hours ago, KhudMcKlarend said:

ALL of my prestige runes that I applied disappeared after the rollback and now there is no code to apply to replace them!  Genius!  

7 hours ago, FlyDemo said:

@Juji what about prestige pack? i activated after restart you do rollback  and now i don't have it. no items in dimensional merchant, not possible to activate it again in my account.  GG? Pay and dont get anything nice new model...

6 hours ago, erpapa said:

prestige pack aplied 09/06 disaspear by maintenance emergency. replace plis

If you opened a Prestige Pack during the rollback period yesterday (6:00 AM PDT ~ 12:25 PM PDT), then please submit a support ticket to receive it again.

8 hours ago, beltway said:

LF confirmation about the NCoin status: if I spent some amount between the maintenances, were they compensated with the final maintenance? 

5 hours ago, iHyperlite said:

What about ncoin purchases during that time? 

Any NCoin purchases made during the rollback period were already re-inserted on your account during the emergency maintenance yesterday.

3 hours ago, Cudezim said:

Do we have any estimate for the Fix? I have 28k Enchant scrolls and soon I dont have enough time to burn those before next wednesday... also I have 2 +17 Slayers to turn in.

We received the hotfix this morning and are verifying it now. Once it is ready, we will deploy it today.





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When we will get an event with similar rewards like Japan (or whatever region has these huge rewards)

Other regions, at low enchant levels of the Mysterious Dragon Slayer weapons aquire extreme rewards.

We want to stop participating to silly events with rewards such as  2 animal bone and 3 animal skins.

If we have an event like this most of the people will be able to have +18 or higher cloaks, Stg 2 and 3 Dragon weapons and other various items that allow the players to not only PVE but PVP as well.

Also, there are barious items that can be aquired during events only (artifacts, cloaks). 

I think everybody want to change this, we need items in the market. At the moment, people are spending 2-3-4 thousands of dollars/euros for gambling to get a stage 1 dragon weapon... I know that you only care about money, but seriously, we have 2021 and we still playing with limited weapons instead of Dragon weapons.

This is sad.

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22 hours ago, Juji said:

Live servers will be down for emergency maintenance beginning Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 12:25 p.m. The servers will be unavailable for approximately 5 hours.

With this maintenance:

  • Rollback of the Live service from before servers opened after maintenance

Dragon weapons stage 1 for all people that buy Dragon box from L2Store. That is the only solution. we need a real retribution.

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  • Hime unpinned this topic
5 hours ago, Whatif said:

power plant employees are not pushed to the limit. While gaming and other non important things capitalist's do not provide enough staff to handle required operations. In result this  happens :)  

I gues you are right

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