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Where is the .exe file ?


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Hi guys !

I'm trying to find the Lineage II .exe file that the NCLauncher launches (so my Razer mouse can automatically switch to the right profile), but I can't find it anywhere in my C drive ?

When I use the Windows task manager while the game is active I see a file called "LaunchRes", it has the L2 icon, but I can't find this file anywhere in any of my drives :/

Am I missing something somewhere ?

Thanks !

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NC Launcher 2 points to L2.bin in L2 system folder. When we had the first Launcher, you could copy L2.bin and rename copy to L2.exe(with some other config files) so we could use PawnViewer... you can no longer use a copied L2.exe for anything interesting AFAIK.(well maybe to watch in-game replay files off-line)

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