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More PVE Friendly Environment options

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At the moment in game world PVE spots farm  like "Beleth`s Magic Circle" are in control of PVP players. Since yesterday I was forced in a unwanted PVP flag state by a rude player on Naia named [Name removed].

 He consistently killed be while I was peacefully farming monsters in that zone on my character Surzy(Dreadnought). He says that I`m taking his monsters. This is  so unfair because all I want is to farm world PVE zones that I can and because of players like him I or others in my state cant enjoy the game anymore. 

 At the moment because of the current in game setting you have players like [name removed] can avoid PK state by simply attacking a character on farm if that character uses any AoE skills as in Pulling mobs or damaging them. Even If you set the in game Target setting to "Monsters Only" he can still do his forced PVP flag state on you if your using AoE skills on farm bot. 


First suggestion is to make the In game targeting system located at "Game Play / "Set Next Target to" /  "Monsters", ignore player flagged PvP state when your using any skills. 

Second option is adding a new setting to the game that controls PVP mode gameplay on server by the player. For example If I have PVP more Off I well not be able to see any player that has PVP more ON.

If that dose do not work for L2 Team then please add a service in game such as a rune that can protect you from unwanted PVP on server.


Please refrain from name shaming in the future.


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they just need to make untargeted aoe skills non-flaggable just like single-target and targeted aoe's

there is no reason to have skills that autoflag when you have a force attack button, or now a "force attack" toggle button

just flawed game development as usual, nothing new here

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To be honest I just PK players that are xping and annoying me in my areas, he actually went the extra step to flag you lol.

This is open world game you don't want to pvp go xp where isn't anyone but if you good hunting spots you better either be willing to die or willing to defend them.  Whole flagging thing is amateurish because most DD's can1 - 2 hit people who aren't ready for pvp.

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