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1st was delate The true about the game.


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100% true we spend money in thist game and never get the real dmg to many items we need the real change for all player play in chronos we are homeless no admin-gm ect care about ous.
come on about daylis 105 Say "105" instance for chart 105 + right so make pt then pr cause baylos i so hard but happen how player 105+ with normal gear cant fight we supose we can derroted to baylor boss and the rest bosses but no is fantasy i now  top gear help to make but como on nobady have thist time,money and luck "luck" here well is a rare cause im fortune top player with "luck" but fail all my enchants
Back to daylis 105 como what is the point for the party wirt chat 105-107 ect if we cant derroted the bosses ?  jesus how new ppl can stay in the game even find a dd strong  it spend to many time becase the dmg isn't enough whay is so hard to lvl up in chronos and equip. what supose to do spend more money in l2 store. for real to many ppl cant stay play like way. maybe thist post nobody read it or share even Gms/admin care about we the player i hope one day all thist sick and abusive sitem change for good for all the gamers old and new ones. 
God Blessing .

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