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is this a new ever changing policy?


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Lastly, this item will no longer be eligible for any kind of restoration once its restored.

Your faq, says nothing of never ever being restored again....I think master juji needs to come clean and clarify this crap.  cause all it means is that since i cant restore it ever again, I just sell it to sucker.

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4 hours ago, voo said:

no...a dragon ring


why would you ever buy an item that has no stats and has a chance to break even at +1, plus its not that great either. Finally you wanted to allow big spenders to straight up buy dragon weapons and now you are trying to restore an item through support? why don't you buy a +3 or better that is already made?

I am just asking! like what am I missing here?

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7 hours ago, voo said:

no...a dragon ring


I know someone who lost a +7 dragon ring bc he already restored a different accessory with another ticket. And I guess you can only do 1 item type per restore per account now. 

I always confirm in a ticket if an item is restorable or not, then proceed. 

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3 hours ago, Degus said:

I'll say it again, do away w/ the entire restoration system, stupid idea to begin with.


But rumor has it we only have restoration system now because past GMs played favorites and were restoring weapons and items for elite players BEFORE there was such a thing as restoration policy. No one else was getting this favorable treatment.

If they remove restoration for all, do we run risk of elite players once again getting favors that no one else gets? Knowing what I know about current GMs, my heart says no risk. But knowing what I know about human nature and business, my head tells me the risk is always there.

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