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Where are the classic quests?


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i always thought the quests are pretty okay to be honest

e.g. the class change quests it took time but it is part of the game and you at least see area's you normally don't go.

i recalled there was a npc on top of the cliff in Forgotten island and Wall of Argos i went there just for fun but it is just see if there is a npc or not. 

i also miss the wolf quests in gludio (was the first place i went when i was lvl 15) raising a pet was something fun to do i thought not sure what the reason was that they removed pets.

next to that the GC quests  (A grade recipes) was pretty decent i thought back in the days. so was the Forge of Gods quests where you can get weapon S grade recipes. at least  it gave people some point in leveling a warmth because recipes was a bit easier to come by. which gives you an extra dynamic in the game. instead of leaving all the mats on the floor by most people. 

there was over 100's of quests which the developer added to the game in the years. why would they spent so much time in making these quests and just remove them from the game? is this what the developer wants the amount of time to think of quests and dialogs and then just remove them all from the game. or it is something only from NCWEST and lazy to translate the game game dialog so you jus removed it? (i dont know the korean version still has quests or not).

I know some of the quests are very lengthy and annoying but to be honest it never really bothered me due to this is a MMORPG. it is more then just killing mobs?  i'm pretty sure if you have more quests available you may even attract more players back. lots of people that come back left the game after 2 weeks (in my clan) due to they don't have anything to do then the endless grind...

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I agree! I really miss the quests, Lobo, our was fantastic to have the wolf. I miss it until today! I dream of having it right here at Classic.

The quests were really fun, it gave more sense to the game! Goals, prizes! Today l2Classic tries to turn a mobile game it seems.

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Can´t agree more! It is sad walking around and seeing how many areas are on the map... Runes, Fantasy Island, and many more we go explore when we are bored! It is a matter to run it! Maybe merge TI and Giran so people will need those areas if u think we have enough space (which we don't). As KuroiHime wrote.. every time I see  NPCs or quest monsters it´s so sad... I even try clicking on them to see if - miraculously - there´s a quest. That Frog near GC raids...damn!! This game has no content!! what is left? P2W items every path.. new collections? Same clan activities every week? Ohhhh nice!! Call of clans!! Go kill epic raids together... Epic raids? The ones that a well-known botter does every day and u ignore it completely, even after many reports from players (including videos). 
Come on developers!! You released the clan cloak and removed the clan insignia!! What is wrong with you guys?
Please do something!!
AFK farming is boring! Give us a game to be played! Not only paid!


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small list of what could be added to the game: 

  1. Little Wing
  2. Little Wings Big Adventure
  3. Get a Pet
  4. Alligator Hunter
  5. Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1
  6. Relics Of The Old Empire
  7. An Obvious Lie
  8. Stolen Dignity
  9. The Wishing Potion
  10. Seductive Whispers
  11. Plunder Their Supplies
  12. Stolen Dignity
  13. For Sleepless Deadmen
  14. Illegitimate Child of a Goddess
  15. Sorrowful Sound Of Flute
  16. Jovial Accordion
  17. Supplier of Reagants
  18. Adept Of Taste
  19. Kail's Magic Coin
  20. Birthday Party Song
  21. Gather The Flames
  22. Whisper Of Dreams 2
  23. Help The Sister
  24. Parcel Delivery
  25. Delivery Of Special Liquor 
  26. The Finest Food
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