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New player coming back to L2 Class help

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Hi there, 

I have the l2 bug. Looking for some class recommendations. I would like to get over my PvP anxiety in L2. Im looking for something that is good in PVP but not complete trash in PvE where I need a kind soul to pity me to lvl. I dont mind having to duel box for buffing. I intend to be F2P, I would prefer a melee class (but if melee isnt viable please let me know and put your recommendations). I also do not mind tanking but from what i last remember tanking in this game isn't really a thing. This is a casual player not a hardcore experience. I would also like to play Dark Elf , Kamael or Ethera (are Ethera even viable?)

Some of the things i want to be able to do:

- Solo PvP / PvE, meaning even if i cant get a party i can still farm a bit solo. I want to be able to hold my own in a 1v1 for pvp generally. 

- Party PvP, I dont mind not being meta here just to be useful is fine. 

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Solo PVP/PVE: YUL & Othell, Eviscerator are nice to play, but hard in PVP become people run away.

Party PVP: Yul due to range, or Tyrr Dreadnought, Titan due to survivability.

Healer & Tanks are needed in all scenario but you need a DD toon. Best you could do: ISS, Tank & DD, you can hold 99% of spots that way.

Nowadays, the gear is the most important stuff.

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Sounds like an Eviscerator is exactly what you want, which is an Ertheia melee. Is a fairly cheap dd to gear, is good in pvp and has survivability, can solo or add to a group.


The other option would be a yul Archer, but it will be a bit more expensive to make good. 

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