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Tryy grand kavatari

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Tyr GK is based on P. attack critical dmg, armor depend on your play style but i prefere light for skill reuse. Jewels u can use on start bascic ones with 15% crit dmg. Basicly on start go max str and crit damage rate items.

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2 hours ago, Draecke said:

...which is basically the same for any Tyr...

If you include Evi to Tyrrs it will be wrong in 99% of cases. There is skills for pvp only.

For Maestro it depends on ...

Dread is 100% skills (IMHO), Glad - skills... 

Titan - depends on gear, Grand - dunno... 

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you're aware FistingTime is a close friend of mine right ? he used skill dps on his Evi, he was basically perma Oly hero on the class till he changed class to GK and regardless of that I know many Evi's on Chronos that changed build too or rerolled class with stone destiny as even on new amazon servers melee lag does still exist even if not as bad as it used to be but that hurts Evi class very much.

I know several meastro players and those also preferred skill dps build over normal pcrit damage, my "dual class" is a 112 doombringer and the former doombringer hero is a clannie of mine who also is fully skill damage set up

so yeah for Tyr it's very important to be able to do aoe damage and skill crit damage/power scales way better then normal crit damage

of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion but anyone who knows Chronos server or me knows that I actually used to be super stacked normal pcrit damage build till the melee lag forced me to change and being able to compare both set ups at end game level can safely say the skill damage set up is really the better route here for pvp and/or pve

to recap: as explained in my previous post normal pcrit damage build is the low budget approach until you can afford the better dps build

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I hope I will find the time to make Evi guide. But It requires previously SP skill explanation video..

Few things that you should keep in mind: 

1. If you farm dragons with dragon weapon, you will have bonuses from normal attacks only.

2. If you use skills, you can maximize your profit only with dragon fists (crit. rate + dmg/att).

3. So for pve is crit. build, for pvp - skills. Or if you are hi-end top hero with 2nd-3rd fists use skills.

How many players we have with that gear?

About Maestro: 

If you have dragon weapon, go skills. Maestro has passive +30% skill crit. rate. With such gear you will be able to farm ios with hurricanes only.. like nuker.

Without such gear, using critical buff is not such a bad idea..

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on naia apparently stuff is quite sad if you're being serious here

not sure why u mention those points when no new player will be dealing with real dragon mobs any time soon as that's 118+ content let alone the fact majority of new player will not have the budget for a stage1 dragon weapon or even a +12 R110 weapon so erm o0?

my feedback is based on my experience with gear ranging from +16 R99 to +14 R110 limited -> +21 -> +30 and these days stage2 yeah but I'm fully aware of each step and which dps build worked best for the level/gear ranges - also during those gear upgrades my level also increased as it goes from 105 (from when 105 was no longer the level cap and before we got R110 gear) to 110 with the +16 R99 and then to 112/115 with the +14/+21 R110 and to 118 with the +30 and currently on my way to 120+ with the stage2 - this also covers a time frame of ~3 years and the changes in the difficulty of the available hunting zones

I disagree with ur focus on dragon weapons here as that's not your typical starting point nor is it fully true and there are many other items that will influence these types of builds like artifacts / agathion charms / brooch jewels / epic jewelry / dyes / skill oe

@Hime could you move this topic to the warrior section as it doesn't really belong here and there are more Tyr builds discussed there to show more different opinions / approaches so the OP can have a better understanding what it really is he should be looking at/taking in consideration ?


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to be clear I'm trying to give advise based on my experiences & growth of char over time and not on how my char is right now as that would be totally unrealistic for any new player as no new player will be able to become a top 20 server member out of the blue like that with a full understanding of the game / class etc that comes along with it

now as he is asking about GK set up let's talk about just that and not get derailed into other Tyr types or Evi class

gear wise I would really just stick with the l2store exalted pack as it is truly a big value pack with many decent starter boost items gear wise as well buff pots etc.

items wise upto lvl 110 and pending budget sure u can use normal pcrit damage sa's & items but mind you that after 110 you really will want to change those to pskill crit damage / pskill power /pskill crit rate and elemental patt type of items

just start small with like +3 to +5 artifacts/agathion charms of such and save money for a +10 to +12 PVE R110 weapon, skip  R99 weapons and for armor a +10 R99 Bloody light set is pretty decent but if u upgrade the exalted set to +10 then well u can keep use that until after the weapon upgrades and slowly work up towards a +8 or +10 R110 light armor set

key take away here is unless your rich and have high disposable pool of money to invest you will need to take small steps for every upgrade and over time you will see you char get stronger and having easier a time doing things ingame

my advise is to make a list /excel sheet with an overview of all upgrades that would help ur current char, rank that to priority & affordability and use that as a goal to work towards, keep those targets realistic and update it as ur char progresses - keep an daily eye on the market situation & events as those can make certain items drop or increase hugely in value which u can leverage for either trying to make profits or for bargains to improve ur char as some items really make more sense to buy during an event when their availability is ample and prices low etc.

closing note here from me is to unless you're a big spender forget thinking of any real PVP or Oly type of competition as those require serious money investments - it's not something you will achieve with spending 5 or even 15k USD so best to let that go until you're sure that's something worth your time and/or money

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On 6/22/2021 at 8:51 PM, Draecke said:

that doesn't apply after 110 and tbh not even before but it's the cheap budget route untill you can afford the skill damage set up which is basically the same for any Tyr

Fresh made toon, so basic stuff to start decent farm. Dragon weapon and stacked skill cd items  its for very rich ppl only ;)

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