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'Where Are You In-Game?' Forum Giveaway

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  • L2 Team

Hello All and Happy Hump Day!

Grab at the chance win a couple of items in our forum giveaways! 5 lucky players here on the forums will take home:

  • Rare Accessory Lv. 4 Box (15-day)
  • Einhasad's Protection x10

To enter in our forum giveaway, post a screenshot of what you’re doing in-game right now (use ALT+H for a UI-free screenshot), your character name, and server.

5 winners will be selected at random from the entries and announced on Friday, June 25 at around 3 p.m. PDT.


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Why not permanent 

25 minutes ago, Hime said:

Rare Accessory Lv. 4 Box (15-day)

Why not permanent?


26 minutes ago, Hime said:

Einhasad's Protection x10

Sorry never heard of them 0 . 0

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7 hours ago, Glamorama said:

waiting for exp (images don't load from "Insert image from URL" button)



9 hours ago, prusky said:

pruskanka, Giran, farm mobs to get transformation book from event


6 hours ago, ohaibizi said:

Server - Giran
Grinding the pig houses 


6 hours ago, Tartaroskova said:



Server - Giran

Finally can farm without bots - thanks NC !!!


6 hours ago, ChicknNugget said:


Trying to get me SA for my weapon.

CurlyFries - Giran NA



5 hours ago, WarToZero said:

Minamor-Giran NA

Xp in FoG as usual



3 hours ago, ElyonWildXI said:

Server : Naia

Aden Warehouse :P




2 hours ago, Witch666 said:

Leveling Fire Spirit and helping friends to get some XP in Argos ❤️

Senhorita - Bishop - Giran server


you can insert the image if you use the link directly to the image (check if the link ends with .jpg/.png/.bmp) all of you are using compact urls which do not work as image. Each site for upload has a different option to show the link to the image...

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