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Frustrated over DN skills during PVE


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Hi all

My main class is DN the class in tyrr with most aoe skills. Although an amazing class I have to admit that I am getting furtrated about not being able to use skills other than 2 as war leachers and spot stealers always lurking. But it has come to a ridiculous point that I can't even use provoke as I constantly find myself killed as it is almost certain that someone will purposely make me flag.

So what good is a mass farming class that can't use any skills? Perhaps there should be an implementation of  when using pve mode in settings these skills won't be causing flag?

Happy to hear constructive thoughts.

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Another one who wanna be save out of peace zone. It's ridiculous if wanna use all your skills and forces safely. It's ridiculous if wanna even just stay out of peace zone safely. That's the game.  You are not save while you farm. Some one can flag on you or PK you just by the way... 

No offence.  I'm telling you that in a good way. 


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