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Minimal requirments for LOA


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Hello everyone, I jyust came back after a looong break and was wondering what are the minimal requirments to actually kill stuff in LOA/IT?

This is my current equip on my lvl 80 DD in party (GK)



QA -Baium - Frintezza dolls lvl 1

S fist +7 with hardin 10 and aden 18-19 (crit rates and atk speed)

Draco set light +0

hat +7 - 1 con 2 str

Blessed belt +5

Ignis necklage +7

talisman of power lvl 2

talisman of speed lvl 3

fire ragon pendant +6

Talisman of baium +1

My buffers are 79 so I still miss counter critical and dance of berserk but I still can't really kill anything without an healer in DV, LOA and IT because the damage I receive is higher than the life I can generate with VR.


I know my gear is only on the low end but dayum boy, do I need full boss jewelery to get out of elemental zones?

Jokes aside, what would you consider a good upgrade or a basic setup not to die in those areas?

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as a fighter guess you need to be at least 84 to try it.

if you can handle the followin area i think you can try to move up

Gaints cave - > Forgotten island passage/ Ketra oc outpost -> varka outpost  -> Dragon Vally -> LoA/imperial tomb

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