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FOC- elite water dragon army supply items

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Hello  community 

       since Herald of light patch has been applied I have noticed  in field of Crysis   the following ... in 108 area  ( not confirmed 112 area) 

1/  the volume of  supply items  greatly changes from day to day regardless of same buffs/ macro being used ( somedays 58 other days 100 , and randomly in between )  wasn't as extreme pre  herald of light ( 85-100)

2/ more importantly the rewards of said   elite water dragon army supply items ...   prior to  herald of light patch   every second day  i would get a forgotten book or a  jewellery aug stone  and 3-5 scrolls (150%) now over 10 days i have gotten maybe  6 scrolls only,( and including R crystals/ ores) not 1 book or 1 aug stone  ….   any one care to comment?

i am running all the drop rate  boosts as i was prior and post  herald of light

@Juji    @Hime   @LIME    no where in patch notes I saw / read  that  FOC  rewards getting altered or rates changing  can we get  a confirmation please 

 and ANYONE  else also , maybe you noticed this  occur since  patch herald of light?  and is it only  occurring in the 108 areas     .... much like nerf to sh1?  for the weaker players 

can someone that does the 112 area   mention  if they had any change's   prior/post herald   leave some comments too please, for comparison 

cheers  everyone 

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The 108 or 114 zones give the same boxes.
I used to get nothing for a week, no accessory stone, no chapter 1 book.
The next week I got both in bulk. It is related to the openings of boxes during a specific time interval.
Some people I know got Insanity, I haven't so far. It is based on character.
I did not get any luck during more than 6 months on lootbox openings, just got an Fallen Angel Ring+9 a week ago with 50 boxes.

To sum it up: right moment will hit when needed.

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  • L2 Team

There is a restriction on the number of supply boxes you can receive per day (100) and the probability to receive them is low. I checked the latest files and did not see any changes to the drop rate or the items received from the boxes for Field of Crisis after the Herald of Light update.

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This zone has always been very random with number of boxes for me, going anywhere between 50-90.
I am dragging 1 box with me for buffs, br, etc and to make sure i do not have spare time after hitting 100 cap because i always hit that solo.

As for rewards, i complained about it too since herald of light update but then in 1 day i got 1 insanity, 1 forgotten book and 1 artifact crystal so i guess just really random good/bad luck streaks.

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