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Extend use of just the xp event items, and add a mass exchange for 'unsupported fight' guidebooks.

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Thanks for all the cool xp items and feathers, but the time frame you gave us to actually use them is way too short. Right now I still have hundreds of 100% xp hourglasses left, but they expire after tonight's update....

Please extend use of items at least one more week.

Additionally, i would recommend having one more week of just the event NPC where you can turn in the 'buying my house guide 1,2 etc.'

The option to swap 2 of those for 1 of the 'unsupported fight guides' only lets you click it one at a time manually. There needs to be an option to turn in many at the same time.  I currently have close to a 1000 of each and i'm not looking forward to pressing exchange all night.

Thank you


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