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I cant learn Spirit of Golem (dwarf´s skill ).


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I cant learn Spirit of Golem. I have all requirements for learn it (lv 106, enough SP and 8 runes) , but the process fail. I don't understand the problem.

I share screenshots of the problem



I stay wait any answer. Thank you.






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I think this is a bug. The runes have same description and name. For example one enchant scroll works same if is normal o if is event ´s scroll. I can use them combined without problems. The rune sould work alike. if not, it doesn't make much sense that they give us runes that we won't be able to use in any way.

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New runes were explained on last big update patch info...

There are 2 types of basic runes, the ones you get by drop from boxes, promotions, stores, etc AND the ones you get from lvl up achievment quest.

Same icon, they are used for the same and the only way to know the difference is to read the description, as the QUEST ones ends the description with brown message that reads "UNABLE TO TRADE"

Think of  tradable ones as "RUNE A" and quest not tradable ones as "RUNE B"

In order to learn skills that needs 4 runes, you need 4 RUNES A or 4 RUNES B, but you cannot mix them, so you cannot learn the skill using for example 1 RUNE A + 3 RUNE B, all the runes must be the same type.

Why the system is implemented this way? No idea, but probably made by the same "GENIUS" that stated that a wizard weapon must be turned to warrior weapon with red libra in order to use Heavenly Scroll Enchant Weapon to be able to enchant over +7... so the scroll can be used on a warrior weapon +7 but not on a wizard weapon +7

Again, why the system is implemented this way? That is because L2 works in misterious ways that even God does not know 🥴

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Lineage II is the only MMORPG in the world that doesn't let you keep items gained in an event.

Anniversary event giving you free Freya Ice Rose? Timed

Attendance event giving you free Shining Dragon Hour Glass? Timed

Login event giving you free Dark Honey Beer? Timed

Event giving you 30 days Greater Ruby/Sapphire box? Deleted on maintenance

And this results in many many many item-id's for the same item. Because every event creates new Freya Ice Rose. I have an alt with 4 different stacks of Freya Ice Rose. The few lucky ones that didn't got deleted.

I do agree that the Rune Stones obtained from leveling 100 to 105 shouldn't be tradable. But the game should be smart enough to see 2 stacks of items of the same kind (Rune Stone) and combine them together to learn a skill. Classes like Tyrr Warrior and Iss Enchanter already have a hard time collecting the Rune Stones, compared to any Yul Archer that only need 8 in their entire life span (vs 60+ on Tyrr/Tank/Iss).

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