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Well... we finally manage to drive all the players out of the game. It's just us in the map now. What now?


Exeq7er, llllAllll and Fuuhouhou thinking how to kill naia

Baium "so how long we think Lindvior can hold his breath ?"

Orfen "I say 10 year"

Antharas "we great dragons can hold our breath for centuries"

Core "that's nothing, try staying on stand by for eons"

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❇️ Anthara's one of the dragon born from the union of Gran Kain god of destruction and Shilen Goddess of darkness (future already mapped out)

❇️ Baium the last emperor of the great empire who discovered the secrets of immortality and challenged the armies of heaven (it takes a hell of a pair to do this)

❇️ Orfen who has The ultimate goal of wiping out the human race and the elve and drinking all their blood (vampire and mad furious)

These are 3 megalomaniacs who already save water by have a threesome bath, and who discuss to know who will have the best piece of the cake when everything will be  destroyed.

Or 3 monsters annoyed by the quality of the server and resign from their function, and no longer want to destroy the world, so they are going to take a bath.

what more can be said...

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Anthy:  (gruffly) FFS  the whole of Aden and u come to my PC hunting  spot , you know it spawns  the minimal amount in the game right? There goes my experience , NO  KSing

Baium : (innocently)  I wasn't , I'm tired of getting the BLOOD-STAINED clothes ripped from me , I came here I needed a wash 

Orfen: Its  vacation time and the pair of you don't have 50 nagging children, " saying we are bored "  so I came here to hide


Anthy :   Shall we fight for it?

Bauim :     Sure …            Rocks ,  Scissors , Paper ? 

Anthy :   of course 



Orfen : (facepalmed)         sigh!!

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Antharas: Bauim do you accept Orfen as your wife?

Baium: yes!

Antharas: Orfen do you accept Baium as your husband?

Orfen: Yes!

Antharas: I declare them husband and wife, you can kiss the bride!!!

Core: Why do I always cry in marriage? 🤗

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