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Returning player LF group/clan

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I've ceased to play lineage for a couple of years (I remember it was Helios Chronicle). Now I'd like to come back to the game in the official server where I have an Iss Hierophant lvl 101, I'm only able to play at night in the GMT-4 timezone (CLT time). My character name is Taurustar, you can mail me there or wisp me in case that I'm online (also this thread might be good as well)


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Your char atm is worthless, 101 you can make in around 30min of playing. You better start a new character and exp from scratch because you get 1 Vitality Maintaining rune that will take you probably to 107+ in 7 days if you have friends.

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Thanks for the reply, I figured that much because the other day I started a character in Euro servers and I reached 90 in like an hour or even less, I'll have that in mind and start to do some stuff to level up

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