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Let's over-haul the Appearances function, so we can put on Weapons again.


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Just like Beauty shop, I suggest an NPC Prop/Costume manager. When you go to the Wardrobe... you will be in the same type of interface as the Beauty shop and can switch between collected APPs(an inventory toggle to hide/show Costumes on the fly), with sections for:

  • Disguise(costumes like Formalwear/Alice/Assassin etc,  extract stone to trade to NPC)
  • Armor(no grade to Dynasty, can buy/earn/trade)[Doom Armor Costume will auto-switch APP based on Equipped Armor]
  • Weapon(no grade to Dynasty, can buy/earn/trade)[Dynasty Weapon Prop will auto-switch based on Equipped Weapon]

Hair Accessories, Cloaks... sure we can add them later. All "Costumes" actually only look like "legacy gear" (copied textures, and converted for this new function) they can Add all current Disguises(so they can be extracted and used)... but just add a few Armor/Weapons, and add more over time.  Eventually we could lose all Weapon/Armor/Accessory NPC vendors across the map(maybe add some S80/R-grade in Luxury Shop Trade for Crystals/Ether/etc.  not compatible with Costumes... yet), delete the modify Armor scrolls... and we should fix the issue(s) which lead to them removing Weapon APP items.

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