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Skills need to be updated

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New levels of skills need to be added to the game as well as fixing land rate for the debuffs.... and HAVE needed to be added for about 2 years. The only support class that debuffs land are the dominator while the rest of the ISS skills are worthless. They are AWESOME classes and would completely change the absolute trash one shot 5 million damage meta we have going on right now. Fix Song of silence, fix petrify, fix root, fix fear, fix shield stun. For the love of Christ stop making new damage gear and actually pay attention to the game mechanics FOR ONCE. Oh.. and summoners / summons are an absolute joke as well as the skills landing. Exile with ALL strike jewelry on has a land rate of about .5% on another character your level WITHOUT resistance. Above your level BWHAHAAHAHAHAAHAAHAH. 


Please Fix Debuffs and give the rest of the server the ability to be useful in full scale pvp. This elite only the top players contributing isnt fun.  

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