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L2 classic - errors older than 2 years

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Hello everybody.

I'm a veteran player, I played L1 at the time of the beta test. It was a fantastic experience. I started playing l2 at the very beginning. I remember playing the first chronicles. Today I play in Classic.

I'm a gamer concerned about rescuing things that were good in old L2. Things I see abandoned today by the Staff.

I've been pointing out bugs, failures, or suggesting improvements to the server for over 2 years on the forum. I've been punished with forum restriction for questioning things that are wrong, literally as a way of telling me to shut up. Instead of looking at the mistakes I pointed out.

Today I want to know, how can I help improve the server, which paths do I need to follow, to really be able to be heard? Do I need to be VIP10?

For years I've been reading lots and lots of players asking Staff to restart Quests, they are so fun and so far nothing has happened, Bots are a persistent problem on our server, when we know that other official servers do not have bots, which makes it seem like is a button that so far seems to be off here.

How can I help the server improve, how to be heard about so many things wrong and not be ignored? @Juji   @LIME  @Hime

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Bro you can't... Like if it has been 2 years that you're "trying to help" and nothing changed your way, take a hint lol.

Not saying this to be rude or anything, but for your own sanity let it go, play if you like and quit if you don't because sure as hell nobody is listening to feedback here.

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