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We need to talk about Classic.
After sending a few tickets complaining about game mechanisms and often being asked to post my "suggestion" in the forum, I decided to spend some time organizing some thoughts.
Today it´s been 10 days that I am not logging in, and I am impressed I am not missing it as I thought I would. I was pretty aware of how addicted I was since I started L2 again after many years. I love the game idea, the magical world, and mostly the friends I´ve made. However...

P2W: You released a free-to-play server, but it seems that all your developer´s efforts mean finding ways to make people spend money getting NCoins. Recently you removed runes from raids and the only "free" way to get it is farming in areas not many people can and the drop rate is 0.00000000000001%. Same time you discouraged people to go for raids. PW2 items unbalance the game and new players leave as soon as they realize it (if they can´t pay, ofc)

Gambling mechanisms: Besides opening thousands of chests to get items that are impossible or almost impossible to get in-game, last year you introduced the "Random Crafting". Crafting was game CLASSIC content. People liked killing mobs, trading mats, exploring the map to get a recipe, and then selling it or trading to improve or gear their chars. Now people just throw stuff or spend Adena getting items to try their luck. Poor dwarf class lovers.

Clan activities: What is left for clans? The way game is, everybody has their own farming party. What do we have? Siege? Elementals? Arena? What if a clan already defeated the level 25 raid? You added new clan levels that are almost impossible to reach and do not even give you more room for players to join. Also, because of a recent bug, you changed the 1-minute penalty to 24 hours which makes managing it even worst.

BOTs: You keep disrespecting your own terms and policies. You are aware of many players using bots to farm Adena. Just log in and go for a walk.  Check outside Lair of Antharas, Forgotten Island, Wind Plateau... Check whose chars does almost every Epic EVERY SINGLE DAY. Oh but wait! You don´t even need to! Many of us have opened loads of tickets, adding videos and pictures as proof, and the only thing we got as an answer is "we are investigating". Trying the staff = Getting standards copy and paste answers. 

Please, listen to your customers!!! Give Classic back to us! Open the areas that are already there being visited when players are bored. Turn the quests on, NPCs are already there. Give players a chance to improve their chars inside the game. Give us some fun fixing the PK system. Follow your rules and ban botters. Give clans collective activities to do together!!!

Do something!

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As much as I totally agree with you...

It is impossible for them to do anything without opening a whole different server, what you're describing would be more realistic on a l2j than on the build they are receiving from the official developers.

Also, there are lots of people who proliferate in this enviroment, most of the top players/spender don't really want anything to change, they have multiple bots running all across the map/catas and normal players alone can't do much about it. 

So you are either stuck with farming with no SS on or spending an insane amount of money just to end up in TOI and barelly getting your SS adena back.

L2 is not a game anymore but a business for the majority of people involved with it.

All I can sugest to you is this, if you managed to not play for 10 days and got over the game... move forward man... Nothing will change, you know it, I know it and everyone else knows it too.

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