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Lineage 2 ADEN? Is this a joke?

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9 hours ago, Yowza said:

So rather than fixing or improving anything on the live or classic servers, you decide to create a new version of the game?

Another P2W I presume...?


LOL. L2 Essence (Aden) is the main focus of NcSoft. If you look at korean weekly patch notes they mention two server types: Awakening and main (essence). That's right, essence is the main version of L2 now. Has nothing to do with Ncwest creating anything, which they can't. Korea doesn't even push major updates anymore. No one cares about classic, not even devs, get over it. 

L2 essence is the very definition of p2w, and you really have no clue just how p2w it will be. 

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that's why the bugs here are making birthdays.

I don't foresee improvement, pay attention with the classic anymore. good jse there was one day attention. The posts on the forum are still the same, I see responses only in a few posts and many unanswered, and it gets even worse now.

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