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2 minutes ago, happyevil said:

will this be a live server or a really new server

or will all the live servers merge to 1 server

Its a new server its like Awakening+Classic=Aden(essence) 

Mixture of both servers (unbalanced as both of them)

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12 hours ago, PanZloty said:

There will be 3rd server !!!

1 - Awakening - P2W
2 - Classic - P2W Deluxe
3 - Aden(essence)  - P2W Extreme


this and have updated with the business model behind them

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7 hours ago, happyevil said:

they better put those new classes inside the servers we have now  and with the story


There is no story , quests, target to achieve or anything in Lineage anymore just boredom and autohunt 24/7 :)

PS. sometimes I fell like I'm mining bitcoins with my pc for NCsoft 😬

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