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Make the Prestige runes dimensional


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Hi everyone,

 I am one of those fools that have more than 1 character on the same account.

And since i ocasionally play them from time to time, i would like them to benefit from the Prestige runes aswell... after all, the Prestige Pack is the account service.

I am aware that the runes come in the box that can be sent to other characters, but once you open the box, you're screwed.

I just want to use that account service on all characters on that account... atm i can't find a reason why you could not make the change...

The need to select the character in the account page, is actually an unnecessary step, since the runes can be collected on the other characters regardless of your selection... You can't stack the runes on the dimensional merchant (the dimensional items disappear from the merchant WH aswell as any other time-limited item).... You can't get an advantage from switching the rune between the characters (quite opposite actually).


So why you should not be able to make ther runes share-able across the account?

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In other words... the game is sooo boring lately, so what about to broke the monotony by playing the other chars a have? And while so, why not use an account service that  I've purchased?


Or.. (that actualy happened to me) a clanmate needed a healer for a night exping... i have one on the account, but sadly.. the Runes are ticking out on the DD char...

so bad luck for both of us, because i would cripple his boosts...

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