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Hello Everyone im new in Offi Server of Lineage 2, Im a Kamael Die Hard Fan Boy and i have some questions to guys if you want to help me.

1) is true that you cant Awaken a Judicator anymore? if that true how i can become Iss with a kamael?
2)is worth playing Judi right now?
3) Can sub any other class?, for example i main Soulhound and i want to sub Trickster/ghost sentinel or Shillein Saint  with male Kamael Is it possible?
4) can you guys reccomend me a sub class-dual class guide with less chaotic information i cant really understad how the system really woks, i was looking on youtube, official wiki but the info are so dull and i cant understand anything.

Ty for reading my post and answer my questions, BB! and have a nice day

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1) Yes, you cant. Judicator got trashed into oblivion since long ago, but you can start Iss on your dualclass;

2) No;

3) Yes, you can. Dunno if you can select trickster as a kamael male, but hell yes to any other, except dominator/maestro ofc;

4) Anything you like and level up faster, tbh. It doesnt rly matter at all. Right now, subclasses r only a 'need-to-do' proccess to take on LOL sub skills and to be able to make nobless quest, once you get them to 80'ish, you'll never touch them again so dont worry much about it.

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