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'What Your Favorite Class?' Forum Giveaway

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Enter in our new forum giveaway today for your chance to win a code that contains (2) Rare Accessory Pack (7-day) and (20) Party Vitality Cake. To enter, share with us your favorite Lineage II c

Wynn Arcana Lord, although it's a very unrealistic class. Try getting two cats to consistently do what you command them to! Character name: Catlord Server: Chronos

las elfas oscuras por sus bonitas tetas.💯

There was ever only ever classes prior to     G.O.D.    afterwards they were templates …

and the best  classes in my Opinion  belonged to to GOD of FIRE    

Grand Kebab      low hit points   ….   bison ….. zealot

Titan          low hit points …   frenzy … zealot

PURE SUPER MASSIVE DAMAGE FOR  FREE …..    and a Barrel load of fun to boot 


 fast forward to F2P & Beyond

nowadays …   massive damage = max credit card

can you remember what class I was 


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