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The return of the "Aden Tour Mini Game" and other changes.

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*It's time to come back with the event "Aden Tour Minigame"... this without a doubt was the best event that ever had on classic servers and made many people have the courage to start in the game.
Today the server doesn't have new players anymore due to its great difficulty in collecting adena, especially when the person has nothing.
*Make a change to daily quests at lvl 76+ by increasing the xp scroll: 10,000.00 to 100,000.00 and add new quests for lvl 84+ 
*Increase adena drop in antharas lair and dragon valey.
*Change in "Dungeon of abyss"
increase to levels 77-81/82-86.
* And why not a talisman baium "imprint" or venir talisman or even another boss jewelry.

@Juji @Hime

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