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Regarding New 110+ Ultimate Skills

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Since there's a mess with some of the new skills - they are performing better, however share cooldown with their obsolete versions, my suggestion is to have them either replacing the old skill upon learning (so that old skill is gone), or, make the existing skills of 2 levels (like in case of crazy nocturne for iss), where the lv2 skill would be available for learning on 110, and the total amount of skills in the list will not change.

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  • beltway changed the title to Regarding New 110+ Ultimate Skills

Good idea , 

Like my Burst Casting  is enchanted and there is no use for it as Great Burst Casting is always in use (as it has better stats). 

We won't see any changes/updates or anything in Live until Aden will die out as all @Juji attention and hype will be on Aden until launch.

They haven't even put any paid event in Live as they want for people to save some money for Aden launch :D 

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