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A serious question


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Again, yes.

I've been playing but, I've reached level 45 and you can't farm anymore, because you need equipment or money to buy equipment. 
But in these 45 levels the most I've gotten is 25k adena, which is not even enough to buy 15 C crystals to summon a panther.
Everything is focused on spending money, mobs don't drop practically, or maybe everything is hidden for certain players who know it, making it impossible for new players to play.

In summary: Level 45 and it is impossible to farm in Cementery because with the D team you are killed quickly, and in the instance you die in about 5 seconds.
So the game is to spend money, a LOT of money.


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You are not doing this correct, you should be 53-54 within 90 minutes, there is no guide on how to properly use the consumables

I have done like 4-5 toons so far and still trying to figure thsi out!

Also you are on Live section, look in Aden section for more info!


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