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Boxes limit


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Good morning.

I saw somewhere here in foruns, saying that we will be able to open 10 boxes in aden.

If the limit for live server is 3, why i cannot open 3 on live servers + 7 on aden?

When i have 3 boxes opened in aden, and i want to open my 4th box on live, it says i have already the maximum amount of boxes.


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  • L2 Team

The shared client limit for Classic and Aden is 10, but the limit for Live is 3. Since you already open 3 for Aden and wanting to open 1 for Live, you won't be able to because it puts the shared limit to 4.


  • Aden + Classic = Limit 10
  • Aden + Live = Limit 3
  • Live + Classic = Limit 3
  • Live + Classic + Aden = Limit 3
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