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Hi, first of all sorri for my bad english 🙃 , I pay 10 bucks to get the rune 200% xp 30 days, but my problem is now what to do if not even get adena for ores & soulshots? game is freaking under rates, at start is ok, u lv up +/- fast first levels and get ss tickets & free ores but when u reach over +60lv u wont get ores & tickets enough to maintain the farm.

My question is, what will happen in around 1 week when all free to play players and low ncoin buyers when they see can't afford even the shots & ores to continue farming? 

Is just crazy, I want continue playing but your rates don't let me, I don't want make 300000 chars to make adenas I want play just with 1 character and you NcSoft are making really a bad job, and I don't even count the sayha grace who can see only 5 x day...

I don't want gifts but at least enough adena to buy a bunch of SS & ores...game will die really soon if this continue like this, totally disappointed 😕


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I'd appreciate an answer to the OP as well.

I bought a deluxe pack to have something to start with and I'm lvl 56 now. I expect that in the morning I'll be short of a certain items (HP potions f.e.) and have barely 500k adena which is not enough even for skills I'd need to learn.

If I miss something, I'll appreciate you sharing your experience.

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