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how does one get Adena? Killing mobs only produces 5-9 adena a kill. Several skills cost 1 million adena.

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Let’s say you make 500 an hour

we want to multiply that by 10 logged in accounts

5000 in total for 1 hour across 10 accounts

In 24 hours  120,000

I’m 31 days 3,720,000

guess if you have 3 computers that can handle 10 accounts one would guesstimate 11,160,000 in 31 days 





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I'm pretty sure that if you are running more than a few boxes, you have moved into the realm of computer programmer, no longer a gamer.

I recall before F2P when the "gamers" would wait for an update cause we knew that the mega clans like NOVA and FS would be absent for a few weeks until their 3rd party programs were updated. Now it seems like NCSoft just gave up and incorporated auto-leveling in the game mechanics. I guess the next step will be auto PVPing for castle sieges... oh wait... LOL

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I would not imply the use of program/applications. That is violation of the agreement.


how ever the way the game is set up you can technically log in 10 accounts on the Aden servers there for capsizing on the game design and benefiting you the player with the ability to play one toon effectively 🙄

its dumb but that’s how they want us to think…

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You guys need to pay if you want to play. It's been like this since years now, you can't understand it just yet?

The only way to farm and gain adenas/items is by spending lots of $. Get ur Sayha to be active (orange) 24/7 and you'll start dropping 200-500+ adenas per mobs in 60+ areas, making it easier and faster to gear up. Also i noticed that mobs are dropping lots of C grade items as well.

They makes possible to log 10 accounts but then there's 0 Sayha grace earning so you basically can't XP those account past lv 40, and that's it if you are lucky to get up to that level eh. 

I had 5 accounts myself, i had to log them out and big rip cause it's just not worth at all to run them w/o spending. They will run out of Sayha, so you get the free Sayha from Alienware giveaway and earn 20 adenas, lower XP and no drops at all from penalty. But they will run out of Spirit ores or Soulshots at some point, and that alone will be enough to burn down ur whole earning. 

Get urself 1 main account and focus on that, spend 100-150 euros per month only to XP while you do something else cause the hunting is fully automatic now and onced in a while come back to throw more $ into the account. This is how L2 Aden/Essence servers are designed. 

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