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Immortal Scrolls.


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1 hour ago, Hellbender said:

Wiki is extremely outdated. Any idea where to find Immortal scrolls to help with skill enchantments.

You enchsnt your skills with giant's codex and superior giant's codex.

You can get these multiple ways, Olympiad, auction house, player shops.


Id recommend enchanting a skill to +7, and then using the blessed enchants. 

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5 hours ago, Hellbender said:

Hyperlite I started using the blessed enchant with superior codex-mastery and it only went up to +10...when I tried to going it just took my codex without either success or fail..just took it.

Are the # of enchants capped??


Once you are +10, you have to use the next version of the Giant's Codex: Superior Giant's Codex - Chapter 1. That is for skills +11 to +20.


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