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I want to sell:
- Avadon robe set 2x
- Black ore ring 7x
- Black ore earring 6x
- Blue Wolf heavy set 3x
- Infinite steel Quiver ( c ) 10x
- Heavens Divider +3
- Tallum helmet ( hvy )
- Blue Wolf robe set 1x
- Doom hvy armor set 1x
- Sealed majestic ring sealed 2x
- Tallum heavy set
- Sword of Ipos + 3 + Othel 10
- Warrior helmet +1 STR +1 INT
- Talisman of Insolence lvl 6
- Baium Doll lvl 1

All only for adena, offer pm / e-mail 
E-mail in fame LordOfSpoiLL

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