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Red Libra winter 2021

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yes you can, it just can not be same class your dual, so Yul GS - Yul GS nope but Yul Sagi - Yul GS yes

it's kinda smart as you can achieve class rank 10 possibly easier that way and get the class bonus effect then on the dual class

that what i did last time by changing my main from Tank to Tyr DB while having a lvl 120+ Tyr GK so I could benefit from the class rank bonus on the GK

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no, you never can do that with fresh new classes at first.. ask again 1+ year from now for that

obviously any new class is something that will be limited to new chars that require investment to equip & xp etc aka $$$, this has always been the case from the day they first added Kameal race upto the more recent erthia race

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@Juji kinda surprised to see this out of the blue like that, hope it doesn't mean no Red Libra during the actual update so does this mean we get the Death Knight update also tomorrow then cause that update requires having Red Libra active too.. Korea did so and EU/RU does as well


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1 minute ago, Draecke said:


no xp event who cares really about that ?
sure it gets me a few more bils farmed in toi 3 but lmao beyond that what's the point if no xp event

maybe @juji has decided no more xp events?

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5 hours ago, Draecke said:


almost as illogical as being in game 24/7 and then buying your in game items with real $, right?

nothing logical about the current state of the game, wittle dwaekey

just the same handful of ppl who only login because they already invest half their life into the game and cant let it go.....lol sad

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