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An Unconventional Request


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Aug 26, 2021, 20:51 PDT 

@Juji @Hime


My name is Stephen. About 14/15 years ago I started playing Lineage 2 with my mother. I was about 5 and I played her healer, my sister played her iss (Bishop at the time). It is one of my earliest memories, playing this with her. Unfortunately life and jobs got in the way and she stopped playing for a few years, though I played on and off for fun the entire time. As of a year or two ago, we started playing again more intensely. We met great people and friends and it gave us time together away from everything going on in the world. It brought me back to being a kid. 

I had been sick with what I now know as Crohns for about 3 years now. I was finally on the upswing after being in the hospital with emergency blood transfusions, many infusions of medications, and tons of blood tests. My mom helped me through all of it and was there for every appointment and visit. We played the game through it and it was a way for us to connect and keep up a hobby together. I played it in the hospital and we would play it through my visits to pass the time. It brought us closer than we already were and gave us something to do together we both enjoyed. We started attending the sword event in our evening time and watched all the PvP from the building behind the akamanah box. We had a spot we would sit our toons and watch and dream of joining the fight. One day we ended up meeting some people there and after they helped us for a while and invited us into clan, we made it to the field and were PvPing ourselves! She spent months helping people get better at jumping for the swords and figured out a more pinpointed way of playing the event fairly. She did it all for fun and because she enjoyed playing with friends and even “enemies” in game. She saw the good in everyone and just wanted to enjoy the game and make it more enjoyable for everyone else without asking for anything in return. 

Unfortunately my mom passed away suddenly in may of aggressive esophageal cancer. 2 months from diagnosis, I had to say goodbye. She was known in game as "GottaGo" and was a member of propve and a very active member in the community, many players knew and loved her from all sides and places of the server. I write this ticket in hopes that I could draw the attention of a GM or anyone willing to hear me out. Below I've attached images of the location where her and I would watch the swords event when we had just started again. I've also attached images of an unnamed NPC that looks strikingly like an elpy... Ironically, that was her favorite mob too. Ever since we first started she loved them and would ask juji more recently to bring them back. Anyways, I was hoping a GM or someone would consider naming the NPC "serita", it was her buddhist name meaning "one who is free from suffering". I would also love it if there was any possibility to put one stationary in the spot where we used to watch swords, so she could always be watching over us? 

I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this and I thank you for any help that can be given. She and I loved the game and it would mean the world to me and some of her comrades to have this small remembrance of her. 

Peace and love, 

Stephen "Dag"





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Hi there,

I am Dag’s sister and Gotta Go’s daughter Bekah or VLynxx. And I just wanted to add some things as well. But firstly Dag spoke openly and has written an absolutely beautiful tribute to our mother.

We have played this game for most of our lives. (Not sure that Dag is comfortable with me sharing his age, but I am 22 and losing our mother at our ages is extremely difficult, even more so than when it happens later in life. She was 58, she was robbed of so much time). I had taken a very long break from the game because of college and also my mental health did not allow for me to add another hobby. But, during COVID-19 my mother and my brother taught me so much about this game and constantly talked about the community. This community is absolutely wonderful. And I got to know so much about people I had never spoken to. I knew their stories, their real names and their character names. They always wanted to tell me the updates of everything I missed when I would come home each week. And they even started to show me how to do the swords event. I was set on joining and playing with the both of them and all their friends once I got a PC. Then, as Dag said, mom got diagnosed with an extremely aggressive cancer. It happened fast, and we were left to deal with all of her affairs, and even now I am still dealing with everything legally whilst in the middle of a hurricane. And I never got to play again with my mom. I never got the chance. 

But, something that brought me a massive light in a seemingly endless dark tunnel was the memorial raids held in her honor. Dag and all of the clan invited me to join on her main, GottaGo. I finally met this community she had become a part of and met these wonderful people I call my friends now. I soon joined after getting my PC and started playing this month. I have been invited into the community with open arms and I can feel her. Every time I’m in game, I get that nostalgia of her, and all those nights playing with her as kids, and sitting in her home as they told me about all their friends and a game she loved so dearly. 

But a heavy weight rests on my shoulders that I was never able to play with her again. I never got to do swords with her, I never got to do the raids with her, I never got to watch her compete in Olympiad. Seeing her name on those elpys, and seeing a memorial for her by swords would be as close as I could get to having that with her. I hope that you will seriously consider this. I know it’s probably difficult to do, but you would not only bring solace to two young adults who lost their mom, but also the community of your game that lost a comrade, and dear friend. 

Please consider our request. 

Thank you sincerely for your time. 

Peace and love,

Bekah (Lynx)

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That was beautifully written, thank you for posting it.

I played a game for a long time called Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC) , kind of similar to L2 but with a heavy emphasis on PVP.

Anyway, some time ago one of the regular players unfortunately passed away and there was a funeral memorandum in her honour. I am posting the link below.https://youtu.be/43wQdFGmf30

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I'm sitting here in tears after reading TheDagdha and Bek's post. So beautifully written and agree that a memorial should be placed in that spot in GottaGo's honor and serve as a memorial to represent her and the love she had for the game. Let this also be a reminder to everyone of what a beautiful community we have here in L2. We are all family. God bless you Dag and Bek.. your mom will forever be by your sides. @Juji@Hime

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This story is very heartbreaking, it made me shed some tears, although I'm usually very though... that says it all about how I felt.

@Jujias you're the only one here that can move this thing and make it happen, please make a little effort as an appreciation to the community and verify the story.

I'm personally willing to financially support or cover the whole cost of putting an NPC with the said name on the given place.

Also I can fully create the npc and complete with story dialog, location, name, everything that needs to be done for a working l2npc. Creating a custom unreal 2/2.5 texture for it is also an option, although I'm not very creative (sigh).

Sincerely, mixa

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@Jujiany update on this?? Especially since they decided to take swords and put it at a time that I now can’t attend except Mondays. Not trying to spam you or be rude, but I feel this isn’t a horribly difficult request especially after the time change.

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Greeting TheDaghda and VLynxx,

I'm late, even if you didn't expect me, and it's been a long time since I didn'tread the topics. Indeed your story is touching, because many of us have experienced this kind of tragedy. These are things of life that happen every day and everywhere, we have to live with it. 
But the question that arises is whether NC soft should do this every time members of the L2 communities and everywhere disappear in this way. The exeptions exist and confirm certain rules, but I fear that it is not possible, even if humanly we wish it.
I know your pain is great, and hope for you and your loved ones to fight strongly against this immense pain, and to move forward, because even with its tragedies life deserves to be lived, simply, appreciate, and to make the best of it!

Joy will return !

Aka Chanzu


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