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Which R-95 weapon?!


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Good morning/evening all

My main is a titan and i'm 95 now

I was thinking to buy 2-h sword +95, but another player who is titan also recommended me to buy 2-h blunt 

he said that in the next version of L2 the 2-h swords will not be good and effective for titans and the focus will be on 2-h blunt weapons

so before spending time and money, i need your advice and what is the difference currently between 2-h swords and 2-h blunt (especially for titans)

Thanks in advance. 

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I recommend you to read the related topics in the Warrior Class forum section, see below link. It's better to save up adena for get an R99 weapon or Enhanced Shadow or Tauti 2H Blunt then R95 but ofc this is all pending on budget and personal preferences

worth noting here is that the other player mixed up the whole blunt/slasher part with regards to next update as in next update all Mage 2H Blunts will become Canes and as there are NO fighter 2H Blunts outside of the Tauti 2H Blunt of which the Improved version is the best it is very important to be aware that your passive & active skills do NOT work with Canes - anyways more aboutt his in the "2h blunt - cane - sos - new update" topic.

long story short next update only Improved Tauti 2H Blunts, 1H R99 Blunts & Slashers will be used by Tyr's and no more Retributers - I repeat there are NO R95/R99 2H Fighter Blunts!!



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Go with the slasher. But make it an R99 slasher.  No point in buying two R95 weapons when all you really need is one R99 slasher in the current and next update. I was just in K99 with a Titan who never uses blunt or SOS, but he still deals massive damage and we finished it really fast without all of the extra hassle.

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