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Toggles Skills - that do not toggle


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As the class: "Feoh Soulhound" you gain toggle skills which are "Dark Stance" and "Fire Stance".

When you log into Lineage 2 there are no toggles active, if you select the fire or dark stance, you cannot turn/toggle them off but are able to go from Fire -> Dark and Dark - Fire.

Once these become active there is no way to stop them but to log out and then log back into Lineage 2.

Seems strange to me.


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Not a bug and work as intended

Every element stance gives certain skill enhancement to your basic attack (water freeze, holy stun, etc). If you just login and forget to activate one of the elemental stances you are basically loosing half the attack potential of your skills, so no real reason to de-activate them.

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I still believe that there is no way to turn off the toggles is a bug.

When using Void Destruction skill; fire - burst on and around target, dark - Jump on target, however is there  is no stance it will use power attack on single enemy, also all the skills graphics are different which is nice to see what is happening, also that the skills in quick links do not change showing it is selected as a dark/fire sometimes.

It just makes sense for the stances to be able to turn off, such ads having a wind weapon and using it rather than overwriting with dark/fire.

I rather have the option to stop the toggles, also when using the dark/fire; having the skills that use them, icon changes like it was before, however seems to have an error now and can stance with it showing no effect icons on the quick skill links.

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