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Using random crafting


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I have 1 ASOFE and a Crafting gauge meter icon,  how do i get the crafting point gauge window to appear, I have looked at the intro on using the ASOFE for crafting, but i cannot get any of the gauges etc. to appear?  I am a noob and it shows LOL Help please 🙂

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Theres no urgency to use your crafting gauge, it can go as high at 300 before it gets overfull.

However its worth using the refresh once  at least to get 2 free sayhas grace potions for the 10k adena fee.

(But its generally not worth spending the 300k crafting fees unless you have at least one  very good item in the list at 20% chance.)


On the right side bar, you have the icons for Sayhas grace,Magic Lamp,Crafting Points x0,...

You need to left click the mouse on the crafting points icon, and it should pop up a crafting mini window, with 2 boxes to tick "rand-crafting" and "spec -crafting" then you click on "rand-crafting"


If the boxes are not appearing when you click, its maybe caused by video resolution issues. Or you dragged the box out of sight by accident.

Try the fix that Connex posted , options ->  video -> reset window location.

If that does not work, then try changing your video resolution to different ones until you find one that works.

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