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Lost Original Gmail=Loss of restoring your account


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I tried to sign in my account as usual with a different PC (old PC stopped working for some reason before i bought new one). it asked me a verification code to be able to log in. But i lost my email address long time ago. So i submitted a ticket to Lineage 2 Support Team. They asked me all possible emails etc..  I told them correct email address, date of birth, location, credit card and paypal. But what they replied to me was that we strictly need you to contact us using it or the email currently linked to it. Unless you are able to, I'm afraid we won't be able to provide any assistance ."   They do not help us access our accounts. but they help Top Donators get back lost items.  Some of my friends submitted a ticket as they were hacked (they cashed out), then L2 Support Team got their items back. and the players who bought items from my friends were left with nothing.  my friends spent a lot, maybe that's why they helped them. Do not Trust L2 support Team.  they are the biggest Scammers. 

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1 hour ago, Vassy said:

Don't you have backup email for the Gmail? Or cell number for lost password or secret questions? You can't just loose your email.. 

He doesn't.I've realized that it's a case of sold account trying to get the account back lol.Prolly the seller charged back his money or tricked him in some other way and now he's left with a bare finger xD

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