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GameGuard 620 and hacking tools...

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Hi, before anything, you must know that I french, and frenches are bad in english ^^

Today I received my shadow cloud gaming machine (Shadow - Le PC gamer basé sur la technologie du Cloud Gaming) and I install lineage2 from luncher. Everything good, excepte the account creation, impossible to create account from the cloud machine but client was installed and I can lunch the game. At the first start, got a message like gameguard blahblahblah.... I skip, relaunch and starting to play. Well, it's good, i reach lvl 22 on 3 charaters. After that, i decide to plug an other screen and move my shadow screen to the second. Fataly, resolution is not the same and client crash. Okay, I start client again, but I never can reconnect :/

Got error "hacking tools ........" and 3 seconds later, error 620. I restart, try to delete gameguard, full check files.... Nothing works.

I try to contact support, send them dxdiag, but at this moment, got no answer. I think they have many tickets before mine...

Anybody have a solution for me?

PS: computer spec 

4 Core / 8 threads @ E5-2667 V3 3.2GHz 
12 Go DDR4-2400
SSD 256Go
GTX 1080

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Odd that you could start the game first time.

NC has implemented an anti-bot system lately that everything that runs on a virtualization is being blocked.

Your shadow cloud machine won't run since the PC is virtualized.

Cheap solution to promote gaming at cheap price while virtualizing every PC component.

"Tant pis pour toi, un bon conseil? Ne joue pas ici, c'est une catastrophe le jeu".

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