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Can't move Red Cat's Eye lv.4 because it's an end-game item?


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As we all know, we can move jewels by making them into box (Shadai will make it into box when you pay like 113 jewel powders). However, you can't move Red/Blue Cat's because they are not on Shadai's list.

I recently submitted few tickets and asked if there's any way that I can move my Red Cat's eye lv.4 from my old toon to new one.

Sadly the answer that I got is like "Unfortunately, we are unable to grant the transfer of your Red Cat's Eye, since this is considered as an end-game. We are not granting any transfer of end-game items and materials." and "I'm afraid that we're unable to assist you on this, as these are considered as end game items. Thank you for understanding."

You can move all other type of jewels and some people even got their jewels moved from one to another toon without spending a single jewel powder (and even +9++ Shiny Elemental Shirts) but you can't move Red Cat's Eyes lv.4 because it's an end-game item.:D:D:D:D:D:D

Nice job NCWest.

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