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'Pet Pal' Forum Giveaway - Win 10K L2 Coins!

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Greetings Adventurers – Here's an opportunity for all you pet lovers to win 10,000 L2 Coin to use in your adventures across Aden!  To enter in this forum giveaway, reply with your answer to

Thanks for participating in the Pet Pal Forum Giveaway! We're locking the thread now and will update this thread with the winners once we draw them. 🙌

I want a Buffalo. I'd feed it grass as I kill lizardmen, not that gourmet pet food sold in ships.

I'm an old school player, starting from C2, and I always remember how awesome Striders looked to 14 year old me. 

I remember finally getting one around C4, and it was before pets or summons were viable in gameplay, I spent hours trying to level it and it was useless. 

I would definitely relive the nostalgia with a Strider now, and enjoy the fact that they are viable.

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