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First of all yeah i a noob,

What should i do? Continue with my tank Eva Templar 96  with dual class tyrr titan 91 with the stats of a Elf or Start again but now as orc so i get the stats of Orc to be tank.
because the orc has more str more con and more men than elf. elf only has 10+ dex and 3 luc more.

No money for race change

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2 minutes ago, Lo0neyTunes said:

orc better or change dual class with iss if u wanna stay like u are now.

titan with light elf race have lame stats.

or if u wanna invest $$, change race on dorf, this is perfect choice for both classes, titan and tank. ;) 

Yeah i notice the stats of Light ELf are shit to late
i was seen the stats. of Dwarf are nice. but to solo in high lvl titan is a beast for killing 1 mob but Dwarf + Tank (shield and 1handed) are better than buy 2 types of weapons less adena cost and for the adena drop + my bad luck in RNG drops.
Main Dwarf = Craft Weight and Skill cooldown reduce. same weapon as tank (tauti blunt 1hnded)
Main Orc= 1 Stat more than Dwarf + Frenzy (can kill in "future" (real far) Solo instances) problem diferent Weapon 

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Keep your char, you won't perceive the changes you want to make.

Eva is a good pick, you need no more than an Apoca Sword 2SAs. The armor and jewels will synergize well with a Tyrr. Titan or Khava are good options, those will allow you to have some solo gameplay in casual play. To be a beast, race aside, you'll need some heavy investment, if you are not willing to do it, look for good people to play with and enjoy developing your char at your own pace ;)

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