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Inprint items & 1 per account items


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Why imprint items and 1 per account items cant be shared into the account?

for example items from attentance are non transferable into the same account (Antharas doll cant be transfered, attack scrolls etc)

In my opinion and i bet more people agree all inprint items and 1 per account items should be able to be shared into the same account

or else thesse items should be accesable per char into the account

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3 hours ago, butterknife said:

@Sunshine i rediculus not to be able to transfer your own items into the account that should be change and they should do it when a ticket is submited


I hate to break this to you but it’s been over 15 years in any of the L2 releases where the TOS, has made it perfectly clear that you don’t own one item on your character. The only thing you own is your account and you really don’t own that because if you sell your account it is a violation of the TOS as well. You are allowed to play the game at the discretion of the company and it can be revoked at their discretion.

The reasoning behind not sharing Imprinted items on the same account is simple, it stops people from abusing the system where rerollng a character that maybe easier to lvl and sending the items to the other character that may not be OP at the moment but a patch may balance that class and make it better to main.  

I’ve mentioned this before, sometimes Companies spend too much time trying to discourage farmers, and rwm traders and the players suffer for these actions.  I mean as a company NCSoft had its L3 source code stolen and scrapped it to build their own engine instead of continuing to use UT’s.  This cost the company millions if not billions considering the popularity of the Lineage franchise throughout the world. Not to mention every player who was looking forward to a new ARC in the Lineage storyline.  L3 to this date has never been released, in NA. As far as I know they have changed the name a few times, but have still not produced a beta product for NA.


IMO and don’t shred me for it because I was there in beta, and physically played the game past C4 before I took a break, I have characters on Classic and Live still, compared to today’s p2w NCoin, Lcoin, imprinted items, grace system, vitality system, absolute destruction of the dwarf crafter, the game was actually better and cheaper to play when there rwm farmers.  I know they were a pain in the butt and were bullies at times but if you had to find one last piece of armor, or a boss ring you could get that for a reasonable cost of a few dollars not the hundreds of dollars some people will pay just so they can be “hero” or relevant.  The company basically ruined the ingame economy with all of its attempts to rid its servers of farmers and 3rd party software users.

 I don’t know what the solution is, I don’t know how to fix it or if it can be fixed. I’m not a millionaire and there is a zero % chance I would spend thousands of dollars a month on store items for any video game all I know for certain is my character and items haven’t belonged to me for a long time and yet I must be exactly the type of player NCSOFT wants because I’m still here playing a game 18 yrs old that hasn’t made any significant content creation or story lines in at least 12 years.

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@inf1d3li agree but when they say 1 per account the dont say is not sharable in the account and they give you the space to make more than 1 char per account so all that things should be shared into the account.

The bad thing is that they choose where to make exeptions..... propably i dont spent tens of thousands of $$ , im not saying that i dont spent $ in game but no crazy ammounts....

there private wharehouse should be common for all your chars in the account like the collection system goes to all chars in the account

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Do not write nonsense, 99% items can be share on account , like a collection system.

Exceptions are event items - Antharas Doll, Valakas necklase and consumables items.  But this is not a problem at all, especially at a high level. The only thing that matters is Recharge stones (on PI, Garden)/ Sayha Storms and Scrolls Atk & Def & Berserk & EXP.

Valakas' necklace 100% will be added to some free event over time, and you can buy it for each enchant

Previously, almost all things were not transferable, and everyone somehow played and survived

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