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Adena no longer dropping on monster kill

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I am in Plains of Lizardman level 76 area but not very crowded yet, although I do have Manner mode on.  When I restart my client adena will begin being picked up again for a while.  But I went to sleep and can tell from other notices within the chat window that adena only was picked up for a short time then it stopped again.  I was running 2 clients simultaneously as additional info and 2nd client had same behavior.  It received adena for a short time then stopped.

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6 minutes ago, Shambayan said:

I have experimented with manner mode on/off and only thing that returns this to normal is to only run a single client.  When I stop 2nd client of game the adena returns to normal behavior.

then send a report to support with proofs, hope support can help to you.

This is all very strange

The only thing that comes to mind is that you are in party with players without Sayha's Grace. 

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