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Heres an idea that might be worth  looking into  and it could potentially help level up gear for lower levels  and maintain server population and resemble some sort of balance  to game and not divide community 

after Farming PI for scrolls 1 hr  teleport you into a spawned NPC zone that allows u  to trade once per 24 hours  1 of each scroll type  for a  crystal of dawn  non tradeable that also can be traded only at npc  as a item  for either 12 non tradeable crystals for an upgrade token level 1 or 48  non tradeable crystals token  level 2 

there are so many exalted NO GRADE items that need upgrading  and not many dawn crystals drop PI  or players willing to pay 1b + or  players that want to gamble within a gamble...   player base is dwindling .... why not give an idea like this or similar some thought  for the good of our LIVE servers 

or change pathetic rate of getting 1 dawn crystal in  either a box of 12 or a box of  48  .....   should not have to take 10 years to upgrade 1 item if u decide not to buy ncoins for  events and be punished because there are exploiters that u make rates beyond unreasonable


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